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These classes are designed for those looking to stay fit through the 2nd half. 

Shakers & Movers

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 10:30 – 11:30am
Thies is a specialty class designed to assist those with Parkinsons. These classes focus on specific exercises to help with balance and muscle memory blended with boxing. Shakers & Movers now have access to eight specially designed sessions.

Punch Pass is 7 classes + 1 Free Class. 


Currently Not Available 

We offer classes that are blended with boxing, circuit and body weighted training. These types of classes will keep you moving and keep your muscles working. Our coaches will meet you at any level with each class being fully modifiable. So all fitness levels and diverse abilities welcome!

Punch Pass is 7 classes + 1 Free Class. 

Regain & Renew Strength

aka R&Rs – Our new joint replacement rehabilitation class. A low impact class to get in the groove with your new gear. Balance, mobility, range of motion and flexibility are what you can expect to get when you join our crew in this class. Our coaches will help you regain your confident stride.

R&R: Regain and Renew is designed to help aid people in their recovery after a joint replacement surgery. This is to not to replace your physiotherapy or rehab programs, it is simply to complement and enhance the process in making your goals. Focus on BALANCE, MOBILITY, RANGE OF MOTION, and FLEXIBILITY is what you can expect with low impact in mind. Our coaches will help you get in the groove with your new gear and regain your confident stride.

Phone to Book for Initial Assessment: 778-489-5665

Shakers and Movers: This specialty class is designed to assist those with Parkinson’s thrive in their everyday living. Our Shakers and Movers class is a mix of boxing and specific exercises that will work BALANCE, AGILITY, HAND-EYE COORDINATION, which can all be affected by Parkinson’s. In addition to these skills the class also works on muscle strength and speech giving everyone a voice to Fight their FIGHT. Our Shakers and Movers are a fun group that supports each other through each class and celebrates everyone’s achievements.

Come Check It Out, and Join IN!

Monday/Wednesday and Thursday

We are open to current Bulldog Members and Boxing BC Members. July 1st we open to NEW Members and Drop Ins. Must sign up as a Boxing BC Member!
Bulldogs are required to become a Boxing BC Recreation Member and pay $20.00. This is an annual fee for insurance purposes.