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Adult Fitness and Boxing Classes & Programs


Adult Recreational BOXING

Bulldogs has BOXING classes throughout the week both in the morning and evening. These classes are design for people 18+ and include a dynamic warm, non-contact boxing workout, and core to finish off.

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Warrior strength and Conditioning

Bulldogs warrior classes are focused on building total body strength and conditioning through fun circuits and HIIT workouts. 

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Shakers and Movers

This program is design primarily but not limited to those living with Parkinson’s. This class is a combo of boxing as well as exercises to build strength and improve balance, coordination and more.¬†

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Virtual Bulldogs

Bulldogs virtual program allows you to do workouts with us anywhere and anytime! We provide our virtual members both live classes and recorded.

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Awaking Warriors Final


Healthy Life

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Summer CLASSES and Programs

In July and August Bulldogs has a variety of programs to choose from, as well as our regular 6:30am boxing and warrior classes. Summer is FUN and we like to mix it up inside and outside.

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