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Not interested in Boxing… Our Warrior Conditioning will be just what you are looking for.

Our adult classes are designed to make sure each member gets the most out of each class. Workouts change every few weeks so there is always a new challenge.


Warrior training is only twice a week – don’t miss out! This strength and conditioning class is designed to challenge any fitness level. Circuits built with Battle Ropes, the TANK and Jacobs Ladder. Our Tabata style HIIT workouts will unleash your inner warrior. All exercises are modified by coaches to suit your needs.

6:30- 7:30am  Tuesday  and Thursday.

9:00-10:00am Tuesday  and Thursday.


Warrior E.D.G.E. is a perfect combination of Boxing and Warrior Conditioning. This class is a fun mix, keeping everyone on their toes and hungry for more.

6:45-7:45pm Tuesday and Thursday

We are open to current Bulldog Members and Boxing BC Members. July 1st we open to NEW Members and Drop Ins. Must sign up as a Boxing BC Member!
Bulldogs are required to become a Boxing BC Recreation Member and pay $20.00. This is an annual fee for insurance purposes.