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Boxing is for EVERYONE! Bulldogs is for EVERYONE!


Bulldogs provide programs for everyone including young people on the autistic spectrum; including Asperger syndrome. Youth and adults with ASD, have difficulty with social interactions and exhibit a restricted range of interests and/or repetitive behaviors. Motor development may be delayed, leading to clumsiness or uncoordinated motor movements.

Bulldogs Fitness & Boxing Center Coaches are all NCCP certified in Coaching Athletes with Disabilities. In addition, Head Coach Peggy Maerz, is certified as a Behavioural Interventionist (BI). The goal of this program is to build confidence, social skills, muscle balance and agility. To assist in anxiety and stress management, coping skills, team building and leadership skills. Finally, to promote weight management, motivational techniques, self-image enhancement, performance and mental skill development. All Bulldogs with ASD have individualized programs to reach personal goals, and support their individualized needs.

Boxing with divers-abilities is offered on a 1:1 private, 1:4 semi private, as well as in all programs upon assessment. 



  • Health and Wellness, the importance of activity through body weighted exercises to improve cardio and strength.
  • Agility and Balance, and Coordination.
  • Body Awareness and Mechanics, when learning proper boxing techniques. 
  • Speed of Neuro Transmitter in Mind Mapping.
  • Confidence, and Determination
  • Focus, Self-discipline and Self regulation.
  • Social Interactions, what it’s like to be a part of a team.
  • Respect and Anti-Bullying 

How to Sign Up

Step 1:

For NEW Clients: Please contact Bulldogs Boxing and Fitness Centre to set up an Appointment for an ASD Assessment to build a success plan prior to the start of the program. As well as information on direct billing through ASD Funding.  


Bulldogs members skip to step 2!

Step 2:

Enrol in Person at Bulldogs Fitness and Boxing Centre.

Tuff Pup Boxing

Initiate and Junior Boxing