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This is a FITNESS CHALLENGE! Multiply components leading to multiply victories in and outside of the ring!


The fitness challenge is to commit to a 3 days/week fitness program at Bulldog’s Boxing. Points are awarded for various areas (improvements in strength, endurance & stamina, over-all fitness and individual attendance.) These areas will be measured by fitness tests and will be considered when awarding the Most Improved Belt and the Top Attendance Belt. NO SCALE. Weight is NOT an accurate reflection of fitness. Belt is awarded at the final event.


Competitors fundraise throughout your 4 months of training. Teams create ways to raise funds through pledges and challenges, or other means for a local charity. The team with most contributions will be awarded a belt at the final event.


Competitors looking to up level their experience, or perhaps you have always been curious. You will get the opportunity to fight for their cause in the “RING”, in a fun, safe, sanctioned and closely monitored Gala Event Match.  Welcome to Competition Training… It’s Tough! Belts are awarded to the Top Male and Top Female at the Hit2Fit Event.


Belt – Fitness Challenge – Most Improved

Belt – Best Attendance – Individual

Belt – Top Funds Raised – Team that raises the most funds for their chosen Charity

Belts – Winners from the Ring – Top Female and Top Male Boxers

Registration for HIT2Fit will begin on December 2nd.

All participants will have: Cost of training $175/month Jan 1 – May 1 unlimited classes at SA Bulldogs Gym at Westgate Public Market

Bulldogs are required to become a Boxing BC.

Registration $100/for competition $20/ for non-competitors
Medicals required for Adult Competitive HIT2FIT Members.

Ring Rules of Engagement


Training is as per listed classes, Monday thru Friday with all sessions held at Salmon Arm Bulldogs Boxing Club. The focus of these sessions is to elevate your fitness and teach you basic techniques.  Give it your all, listen to your coaches’ instructions and follow through with the program both in and out of training.

As we go through the training, we (COACHES) will make our final determinations on who will be paired together for our Boxing Gala.

Please note! The focus is on a fair display of camaraderie to find the best boxers. We determine from the group of Competitors, what match-ups we can make that will be the fair and most evenly matched in terms of weight, ability, potential and attitude. This is a complex jigsaw puzzle and for safety reasons, we simply must get the pieces right. We ask that you respect the process and the outcome.


Regardless of whether you have prior boxing experience, you must participate all Competitor training camp session to be eligible for the event. This training camp is also about assessing people’s commitment, work ethic and their temperament and making sure that we get the right dynamic for the group but most importantly that we all have fun over the next few months as you train for our gala. 

(All aspects of training will have a team building component designed to strengthen your team and our roles in our beautiful community.) This is NOT Hit to Hurt, It is Hit to Fit


Monday to Friday Bulldogs offers many classes including Recreation Boxing, Warrior Conditioning a for those looking to get in the ring Competitive Boxing (Competitors must attend).

RECREATION BOXING will consist of shadow boxing, bag work and pads.

WARRIOR CONDITIONING is circuit based training designed for those looking to build strength and explosive power.

COMPETITIVE BOXING will consist of building on fundamentals, techniques and sparring with your certified coaches.

Competitive Hit2Fit Challengers must attend a minimum of three sessions per week of Recreation Boxing or Warrior Conditioning, plus one technical training day and a session of cardio on your own. If you can’t complete the required conditioning training you will not be able to get in the ring for sparring or other technical training.

Sparring is a PRIVILEGE NOT a RIGHT for all Boxers!

Required Gear (Competitive):

  • 16 oz Glove (competition gloves provided by Boxing BC) Bag Gloves are your responsibility (no red, orange or pink)
  • Mouth guard
  • Low Blow – Men and Women
  • Chest Protector – Women
  • Head Gear