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Jordyn was born and raised in Salmon Arm, she grew up participating in many sports including swimming, figure skating and speed skating.

She studied Health Science and Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University while excelling in the pool on the SFU Varsity team. Through this time, she grew a passion for coaching, and started working as a swim coach during her summer breaks from university. She has now completed ten seasons as a coach for the Salmon Arm Sockeyes Swim team.

Jordyn’s journey with the Salmon Arm Bulldogs Boxing Fitness and Boxing Centre started in 2012. Originally, she used boxing as a way to cross-train for swimming. Jordyn quickly fell in love with boxing
and eventually wanted to compete once she graduated and finished her swim career.

In 2016, her goal of climbing through the ropes became a reality. Jordyn now competes provincially, nationally, and internationally, as she is on her pathway to the 2024 Olympics. In addition to Jordyn’s boxing journey, she also joined the coaching team at Bulldogs in 2016.

Jordyn has a passion for working with people and inspiring them along in their personal journey to

Jordyn Konrad

NCCP Level 1 Coach

  •  Bulldogs Fitness and Boxing Centre Coach
  •  Salmon Arm Sockeyes Coach
  • Areas of study: Health Science and Kinesiology
  • Olympic Qualifier Finalist