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Spring Break Camps

Bulldogs are offering programs for kids 8-14 years old as well as boxers who want to learn or be a competitive bulldog 10-17! Spring Break camps begin March 21st and run through till April 1st. 

Kids Unleashed Spring CAMP (8-14)

This camp will incorporate FUN activities including the fundamentals of boxing and exploration of strength through warrior circuits. Each day will be something new and exciting!

Days: Tuesday/Thursday
Time: 9:00-10:00am

Registration Opens TBA

Dates Include: TBA
Must bring clean indoor shoes, glove and a water bottle.


This camp is designed for boxer who are competitive or interesting in that side of boxing. It is closed to Bulldog members with previous boxing knowledge and practice. This camp will look to challenge each boxer where they are at and get them to be ring ready. We will be training your body and mind to be its strongest, fastest version of itself. Sign up and prepare for a seriously fun but tough workout, 3 days a week!

Days: Monday/ Wednesday/Friday
Time: 9:00-10:30am

Registration TBA

Dates include: TBA
Must bring all boxing gear! Skipping Rope, Gloves for Bag and Sparring, Headgear, Protective Gear: Mouth Guard, Low Blow, Chest Protector(Females).


***Must be on FireFox/Google Chrome

Bulldogs are required to become a Boxing BC Recreation Member and pay $20.00. This is an annual fee for insurance purposes.

KIDS UNLEASHED Spring Break Camp

Competitive UNLEASHED Spring Camp

Must be an existing Bulldog Member.