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Owner and Head Coach

Peggy Maerz
  • Certified N.C.C.P. Level 3 & CABA Coach
  • High Performance Team Coach of Boxing BC
  • Team Canada Coach
  • Behavioral Interventionist

Areas of Study:

Criminology, Nutrition, Sports Psychology and Neuro Studies

Business owner and visionary of Bulldogs Fitness and Boxing Centre. Peggy started Bulldogs Boxing in 2009 and grew it from a boxing club to a community full of people of all ages with different abilities and goals. She strives to make it a place that everyone belongs and feels connected.

Peggy has been involved in athletics throughout her life including: soccer, hockey, ringette, body building, weightlifting, boxing both as an amateur and professional. She is now excelling in triathlons, and learning to hone
her focus as a swimmer, biker and runner. Peggy loves to compete, and as an athlete loves to see how far both physically and mentally she can stretch herself. Now as a triathlete she competes in 70.3 Ironman’s, as well as the Olympic and Standard Distances.

Furthermore, Peggy is also a lifelong learner. Prior to opening Bulldogs, Peggy studied criminology and worked as sheriff. Now, she has most recently become a certified Behavioural Interventionist (BI). She is constantly filling her mind with new information on how to be a better coach through her participation in various courses. 


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Currently, Peggy is a level 3 NCCP coach and holds a spot on the high-performance coaching board for Boxing BC. She has brought fighters to club shows throughout the province as well to National and International tournaments. She was named head coach of Team BC for the 2019 Olympic Qualifiers leading up to the 2020 games.  Peggy is coaching with Team Canada and will be attending multiple camps and tournaments both with the youth and elite teams.

Peggy loves to work with people of all different abilities and tap into their potential. As a coach she gets to cultivate strong bodies and minds.