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Bulldogs now offers VIRTUAL live training for all of our Adult Recreational Boxing Classes as well as our Adult Warrior Conditioning Classes. Sign up for our Monthly Membership and receive all access to our in studio classes as well as our virtual live classes. Or sign up for our VIRTUAL pass and receive all classes VIRTUALLY anywhere.

Virtual Warrior Conditioning- Live

Warrior training is only twice a week – don’t miss out! This strength and conditioning class is designed to challenge any fitness level. Circuits built with Battle Ropes, the TANK and Jacobs Ladder; and Tabata style HIIT workouts will leave you feeling like a warrior. All exercises can be modified by coaches to suit your needs. All Warrior Conditioning  classes are offered in house at Bulldogs Centre and Virtually, so no matter where you are you can join us for a workout.

6:30- 7:30am Tuesday and Thursday.

9:00-10:00am Tuesday and Thursday.  

In addition Bulldogs offers pre-recorded classes for individuals that can’t make our scheduled LIVE virtual classes. We have two options for payment packages, 1) Gold Virtual Package includes both LIVE and recorded classes, and 2) Silver Virtual Package includes the LIVE classes.

Virtual Training

During the current pandemic Bulldogs were mandated to shut their doors March 2020. Although this stopped us from being in close proximity, it didn’t stop us from doing what we are mean’t to do! Bulldogs offered live VIRTUAL classes via ZOOM to keep each and everyone in routine, strong and together as a community.
Bulldogs are required to become a Boxing BC Recreation Member and pay $20.00. This is an annual fee for insurance purposes.


Get you Meet IDs and Passwords below.

Virtual Recordings

We record our weekly recreational boxing classes as well as our warrior conditioning classes. If you miss a class catch up by following along in our virtual recordings, anytime any place.  

DownLoad Zoom

Our Virtual Program is supported by Zoom, please download Zoom access our classes.