Youth Boxing is design for youth 13-18 years old. This enrolment is diverse and made to suit multiple different goals whether it is fitness or competition.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4pm-5:30pm

Youth Boxing is design for youth 13-18 years old. This enrolment is diverse and made to suit multiple different goals whether it is fitness or competition. Like all classes at Bulldogs, there is not experience need we are open to all that want to learn or sharpen skills and progress in the sport. Bulldogs focus on age appropriate athlete development, amateur boxing skills, technique, and conditioning. We develop athletes from the bottom up focusing on the basic movements and fundamentals then progressing to more advance boxing styles. Boxing at Bulldogs is more than just boxing. From the start, the coaches incorporate anti bullying skills teaching the appropriate responses, and the difference between violence and sport. We also put emphasis on teaching self-disciple, confidence, and respect. We believe in well rounded athletes! This class also learns leadership as they are expected to participate in mentorship of our younger classes.  Tuff Pup love to run and interact with their older BULLDOGS.  

This class is consider a competitive class, with the option to spar as soon as the class is ready, however it is not mandatory. All sparring is OPTIONAL and a PRIVILEGE! If there is interest in sparring/competition a Coach-Parent-Child discussion is POLICY. As competition season picks up coaches must see consistency and commitment to his or her practice in order to continue to spar or compete.  Additional sparring will be available to competitors during this time upon invitation.

This program is 55 classes.

Session #1 Starts in September (Registration in August)

Classes do not run on Statutory Holidays or School Breaks (Spring Break, Christmas Break)

Gear needed for each of these classes; bag gloves, clean indoor shoes, water bottle, and gym clothes.  For sparring classes; mouth guard, sparring gloves and head gear. If they choose to compete they will need spare mouth guard and low blow protection (male) and chest protection (female)

Formalities of Participation

BC Boxing Registration: All athletes must register with Boxing BC and pay Boxing BC Insurance. (fees vary for age and level)

Sparring & Competition
Sparring is part of our sport and it is taken with great care in our club. All sparring is dependant on child’s readiness, which is decided by coach, athlete and parent. Sparring starts in Junior (sometimes Initiate), and remains OPTIONAL throughout both junior classes. As the season picks up there will be extra sparring sessions to prepare athletes for upcoming matches. If boxers want to compete these sessions are highly recommended.

Medical Form (Required): Medical forms must be filled out with your Family Doctor if your child wishes to participate in sparring and/or competition.

Please download and print the following forms to be completed and submitted for class participation.

Boxing BC Annual Registration
Boxing Canada Membership Application CABA
CABA Annual Medical Form

Bulldogs are required to become a Boxing BC Recreation Member and pay $20.00. This is an annual fee for insurance purposes.